Von Ruger

  • Pure Bred German Shepherd
  • 5 years old
  • Altered
  • Up to date on Vaccinations and Preventatives
  • Microchipped
  • House trained
  • Crate trained/but roams house freely/or designated room
  • Dietary restrictions

Von Ruger came to our rescue when his family realized they did not have time to provide the care he needed after being diagnosed with EPI. EPI is a insufficiency in the pancreas that requires the dog’s food be treated with pancreatic enzyme’s.

What does this mean to caring for Von Ruger? This is how we saved his life from starvation and maintain his physical well-being.

  • We grind his kibble into a powder. We do this when he is nearing the end of his food supply and store his grounded kibble in food safe storage bins.
  • We add the ground kibble (1 cup) to a bowl, add water and mix with spoon. Then add his 1 tsp of enzyme powder, continue to stir in adding (1 cup) of Victor Hero kibble, plus more water. This creates a nice pate/wet food texture.
  • Wait a minimum of 20 minutes for the enzyme’s to activate.
  • Scrap into his favorite slow feeder bowl, ask him to sit and wait, place bowl down on floor and then give the command to “take it”.

Preparing Von Ruger’s food take 25 minutes, 5 to mix it up and 20 to wait as the enzyme’s begin the process of breaking down the food for digestion. Easy peasy!

Von Ruger comes with 6 -12oz bottles of his pharma enzyme. The cost ranges around $103.00-$130.00 per bottle and higher in some pharmacy’s due to inflation. Adopter can re-order through the rescue when the supply is depleted. (12 ounces lasts one month)

He has a years worth of food (20-20lb bags) on hand that goes with him to his new family, along with a years worth of Heartworm Preventative.

Does feeding Von Ruger take a little more effort than dumping kibble in a bow? Yes. Does the cost of providing for Von Ruger a bit more expensive? Yes. Is a lifetime of companionship, friendship, adventure and couch snuggles worth it? YES!!

The upside is your not spending money on expensive treats, toppers, ect. He only needs his food properly prepared.

Von Ruger is well mannered, people and dog social. He will say hello to other dogs of all sizes and then go on his way. He likes to play fetch, like I mean really likes to play fetch. He will carry his ball around and drop it at your feet to remind you how much he loves fetch.

He grew up in a home with children and is very attentive. He leans in for pets, gives kisses, and half the day has a silly grin on his face. He knows, “sit, down, settle, come, stay, paw, and sits waiting for his food bowl”. We are working on loose leash, which he is not horrible at all and heel which needs more practice.

Apply today to foster or foster to adopt this amazing creature unlike any German Shepherd we have ever had in rescue. He is truly a gem and loved by all he encounters!!

Inquiries can be emailed directly to info@K9EI.dog

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