Story old as time…

Young female dog, left unprotected. Male dog strolls into town and out like a tumbleweed on the plains.

Mom is soon eating for 9!

We want to be able to spay Mom to stop any further unwanted litters and find placement for the Labrador mix puppies. (Check out the size of those paws)

We an only do this if we have placement for all 8.

IF you want to foster, please complete an application at and check off “yes I am a superhero, foster only”.

If you wish to foster to adopt, complete the same application at and fast!

Please do not tag other rescues asking for help, we have rescue partners we work with already.

Please share, call your family and friends, shout it from the roof tops, and lets find homes to pull these puppies to safety. The alternative is that the owner starts listing them as “giveaways”.

Thank you, let’s get this done!

Mom in photo collage. She is small in size, as stated Dad left town before anyone could get his name.

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